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At Direct Freight we have a full spectrum of expertise for your business regarding local or worldwide logistic strategies.

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logistics by direct freight services

At Direct Freight we have a full spectrum of expertise for your business regarding local or worldwide logistic strategies.

At Direct Freight we have a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise which places us in a position to assist business who need advice and guidance on their local or worldwide logistic strategy.

We operate within a variety of industries and sectors which allows us to develop cost effective solutions and improve customer service delivery within supply chains, warehousing, material handling and distribution.

We strive to become long-term partners which our customers and help them from everyday functions to more specialised projects and entire logistic redesign.

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Here’s what our Clients and Partners had to say about our services:

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“Jason and his team are fantastic and I thoroughly recommend them.

I have asked them to take care of both import from Africa to the UK and export from the UK to Europe. In every instance, everything was done in a timely and cost-conscious manner.I was kept abreast of any relevant developments throughout the process and the goods were delivered in good order and on time.

Jason also took the time to walk me through the murky vagueries of shipping in advance so as to avoid incurring additional costs.

A pleasure to deal with a shipping company that truly own the process.”

Yours Truly

“Jason and I go back as long as 18 years if not more than that.
The relationship/partnership keeps bringing us inline as we have the same goals and that is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION not just rates but ultimately providing the customer with the best offer as well as options for final delivery at destination .
This is for all lanes of logistics be it AIR or OCEAN both IMPORT and EXPORTS. The all round logistics experience is a bonus as you have one point of contact.
The professionalism in the manner that your cargo is handled is of utmost importance irrespective of the size or commodity of our cargo.
Each customer is considered just as important as the next and that’s what makes service excellence.
Long standing relationships between agents/customers always proves the continuation of excellent business practice.
Jason is our first point of contact in the UK for our logistics requirement.”


“We appreciate your excellent logistics service at Direct Freight Limited in UK. Your proactive action in handling our airfreight and sea-freight DAP shipment from “World to UK” has demonstrated your team’s best professionalism at Direct Freight.”

Ken Fu, GCS Logistics in USA

“Jason is a loyal supporter of our network „Global Freight Alliance“ since Day 1.

He´s been a strong business partner in the U.K. for many years now, always supporting our fellow members wherever and whenever possible. It´s been our pleasure to work with Jason and his team and we´re looking forward to many many more years to come!”

Viktor Fuchs, Global Freight Alliance

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